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Metal Roofs For Homes, Additions, Garages, Barns, And Camps

Why choose metal roofs from Holgerson Metal Roofing. Metal roofs shed snow and ice better than other conventional roofing materials and help prevent ice dams that are common place in Maine's harsh winter climate.  Metal roofs  help you save money by reflecting the suns energy keeping your interior cooler  in the summer .
Roof, Metal Roofs in Appleton, ME

Roof, Metal Roofs in Appleton, ME

Metal Roofs:
• Last Longer than Shingle Roofs & Are Competitively Priced,
   Making Them an Affordable Investment
• Shed Snow Better - a Real Advantage in Maine's Weather
• Cannot Burn or Support Combustion, Resulting in Lower Insurance Rates
• Reflect the Sun, Keeping the Interior Cooler in the Summer
• Won't Absorb Moisture & Won't Be Chipped or Broken by Hail
• Are Light-Weight - about One-Third the Load of Conventional Shingles
• Have a Noise Level Approximately the Same as Shingles - about 30 Decibels
• Are More Wind Resistant than Conventional Materials
• Are No More Susceptible to Lightning Strikes than Other Roofing Materials
   & Dissipate Electrical Charges+

What Materials Are Available for Metal Roofs?
Holgerson Metal Roofing installs 26-gauge  and 24-gauge residential and commercial metal roofs made from Kynar coated steel, and aluminum from Everlast Roofing and feature a 40 year limited warranty . Bare Galvalume, 16 and 20 ounce copper are also available.  Along with metal shingles in Astonwood®, Stonecrest®, and Decra® . Metal roofs are typically made from as much as 65 % recycled material and at the end of their life cycle ( 50 to 60 year with minimal maintenance )are 100 percent recyclable.

How Are Metal Roofs Installed?
Roofing material is attached to the roof deck with cleats. Cleats are nailed to the existing surface and are then rolled into the standing seam, hiding the cleat under the surface. Very few surface fasteners are required to install a normal standing seam roof.

Also, metal roofs can usually be applied over existing roofing, eliminating the need for costly stripping labor and disposal fees, and keeps this material out of land fills making metal one of the most eco freindly materials on the market today .Metal roofs can be installed on roof pitches as low as 3"–12". We can supply and install ridge vents with your new metal roof.

Save money and protect your home with one of our metal roofs. Contact us to request your free estimate today.