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Metal Roofs For Homes, Additions, Garages, Barns, And Camps

Holgerson Metal Roofing offers you the best in metal roofing services, materials and supplies to protect your largest
investment—your home. Trust our trained  technicians with your next installation and you won't be disappointed.

Roof, Roofing Contractors in Appleton, ME
Roof, Roofing Contractors in Appleton, ME

Qualified Roof Installation
There is no better way to protect your home than by keeping a good roof over your head.

At Holgerson Metal Roofing., we have been professionally installing metal roofs from Calais, Maine to York, Maine and from the Eastern Coast Of Maine to the Western Mountains Of Maine since 1970. A correctly installed metal roofing system keeps out wind and water that might damage your eaves, walls, and more.

Honest Estimates
Save your home now from costly repairs later—call our qualified roofing associates today to schedule a free metal roof estimate and discuss your options. Holgerson Metal Roofing offers standing seam metal  roofs in kynar coated steel in both 26 and 24 guage and .040 aluminum  and are warranted by the manufacturer against peeling, blistering, chalking and color change.

Because metal roofing last much longer than conventional material, the roofs we install are virtually maintenance free. 


Contact our office to request an estimate for metal roofing today.