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Metal Roofing near the lake - Metal Roofing in Appleton, ME
Quality Roofing - Metal Roofing in Appleton, ME
Holgerson Metal Roofing has been servicing the metal roofing needs of Mid-Coast Maine, and surrounding areas since 1970. The driving force of our business is providing customers with an affordable, quality well-installed, long-lasting metal roof.
Trained Technicians
With fully-insured technicians, we protect you and your home. Holgerson Metal Roofing provides technicians with current training to guarantee the knowledge behind the work.

Quality Construction
Using the best materials available gives Holgerson Metal Roofing the leading edge in the Maine's metal roofing community. We take the time to do it right, while staying on track to finish your roof as efficiently as possible.
Your new metal roof begins with you—contact us today to request your estimate.